• Savannah S - (Tricycle)

    The Savannah S, Sleek and Sexy is the ICP flagship.
    Modified from the VG XL - sleeker ROUNDED fuselage, flush fitting fuel caps,LED landing light, arm rests. Now she does not only fly great but also looks great and with improved cruise speed.
    As one owner put it “The Savannah has finally been taken out of the box”.
  • Savannah S - Taildragger

    The Savannah S Taildragger version has been conceived to maximize the STOL capability of the Savannah S airplane, allowing the use of even less prepared surfaces for take-off and landing.
  • Ventura - ready to Wow!

    These are the words that best describe the I.C.P. Ventura. Using their extensive knowledge, experience and success with the Savannah (over 2,500 units produced), I.C.P. has produced the Ventura. And it is ready to amaze you!

AeroKits Australia

Peter Gillespie of “AeroKits Australia” is the official Savannah and Ventura Aircraft Importer and Distributor for Australia.

 ICP Srl, the manufacturer of Savannah and Ventura aircraft, design and build in Italy to ISO 9001 Quality Assurance Standards. This guarantees the consistency of the materials and workmanship that go into the aircraft. See www.icp.it

Peter Gillespie is also the very proud owner and flyer of a Savannah S and has clocked up over 900 hrs flying all over Australia in various Savannah aircraft. The majority of his flying is undertaken with his wife (and a substantial pile of carefully selected camping gear).  He has also built a Savannah S kit, and assisted a number of other Savannah builders to build theirs.

When you purchase your Kit Build Savannah S or Ventura aircraft, Peter and his team will be very happy to share their knowledge and experience with you so that you can gain maximum satisfaction from owning, building and flying your ICP aircraft.

The spare parts stock held in Australia by Peter is unrivalled by other suppliers and brands. This is possible because of the high number of ICP planes built and flying in Australia.