Ventura – ready to Wow!

Space, Reliability, Performance

These are the words that best describe the I.C.P. Ventura. Using their extensive knowledge, experience and success with the Savannah (over 2,500 units produced), I.C.P. has produced the Ventura. And it is ready to amaze you!

The Ventura is an all metal construction, high wing, single engine airplane equipped with tricycle landing gear.

What you feel when flying the Ventura is a superior level of comfort, quality and efficiency. It is ideal for touring, training and recreational flights.

The rounded and sleek lines of the Ventura can accommodate several types of engines with power ranging from 100 to 180 hp. The combination of excellent STOL features, together with great cruising speed and brilliant manoeuvrability, make this the ultimate touring aircraft capable of optimum performance in any situation, giving the pilot full control and unlimited fun!

Pilots will appreciate the quality and reliability built into the Ventura, guaranteed by years of Research & Development and all the experience that I.C.P. has gained in almost forty years building aeroplanes.

Thanks to its versatility, the Ventura can be adapted to suit a wide range of customer needs:

  • Roomy two-seater with large luggage space and 100 or 115 HP engine in the S-LSA category (600 kg MTOW)
  • Three-seater GA version of the European EASA CS-VLA category with a 100HP 115HP or 135HP engine. N.B.This version (in a two seat configuration) will also suit RAAus pilots if the MTOW is increased to 750 kg.
  • Four-seater GA experimental version with a 135HP or 180HPHP engine (800 kg MTOW).

The wide offering of options allows the pilot to customize the Ventura to satisfy all their needs. The wider and roomier instrument panel can accommodate all the latest technological innovations.

The airplane is offered factory built “ready to fly”; and in kit version for home build.

The Kits are modular with four options available; KIT 1, Kit 2, Kit 3 and Kit 4. This means that builders can …….?????

Estimated assembly times are between 200 and 450 working hours.
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