Kit #1

This kit contains all materials required to build:

a/.    Fuselage

b/.    Wings with Flaperons (and slats for the Savannah? version Super Stol or in VG version the skins of the leading edge of the wings are pre-drilled to guarantee a correct and safe placement of vortex generators]

c/.    horizontal and vertical tail with elevator and rudder

d/.    elevator trim tab (without servo motor)

e/.    streamlined wing struts drilled for exact alignment of angle of attack

f/.     tricycle landing gear

g/.    6″ wheels with hydraulic differential brakes with operation on toe pedals

h/.    tyres

i/.     inner tubes

j/.     stick

j/.     “Y” yoke

k/.    flaps lever

l/.     control system and control cables for elevator and rudder

m./   guides and mounting brackets,

All cables are already cut to the right length and closed at the ends with thimbles and nicopress with certified equipment.

All the parts are produced by series production on CNC and laser-cutting machines to obtain a drastic cost reduction and achieve a superior quality as a final result. This also allows a perfect interchangeability of the spare parts, with no need of further adaptations.

All the aluminium skins are cut to size, bent or moulded where needed; drilled and ready to be riveted using the included blind rivets. Just a little deburring of the holes and edgeswill be necessary. Parts requiring heavy solid rivets are supplied already finished ready for assembly (wing spars, some fuselage parts, etc…). To obtain a perfect result, even the rivet gun is included in the kit, together with some cleco’s and their pliers.

Included in the kit are as well:

all AN screw bolts, with nuts and washers

a roll of metal wire for locking

two wing tanks containing 36 litres (9 gal) each and a collector tank containing 6 litres (1,5 gal) with reserve floating indicator, condensation decanter, fuel tap and tubings down to the firewall

four points seat belts

double throttle

tips for wings, ailerons, slats and tail

jig for setting flaperon’s

Not included in kit #1:

engine mount / engine cowlings / engine / exhaust system / propeller / spinner / water and oil coolers / tubes / hoses / pipes / clamps / cloth seat / instruments / electrical system / paint / internal upholstery.


Kit #2

As for KIT #1, plus:

Rotax 912 engine mount with silent-blocks and attachments

engine cowlings (unfinished)

water cooler

oil cooler

hoses with steel spiral core

armoured oil tubes, NORMA and  ABA clamps

cabin heating system

complete fuel system beyond the firewall with:

electric pump

fuel filter

fuel distributor with attachments for the fuel pressure gauge and fuel return to the tanks against “vapour-lock”

rubber stratified fuel hoses NBR + CR with NORMA clamps (or light weight corrugated stainless tube,  where appropriate)

basic navigation and engine instruments:

3 1/8″ air speed indicator

3 1/8″ three-pointers altimeter

3 1/8″ vertical speed indicator

3 1/8″ tachometer for Rotax 912 with hour meter integrated

slip indicator



oil pressure gauge

left and right temperature gauge

fuel pressure gauge

complete electrical wiring harness with:


key master switch

two thermal breakers

switches for electrical device

battery charge warning light

fuel reserve warning light with test button

landing light

cabin light

electric trim for elevator

separate cloth seats

Are not included in kit #2:

Rotax 912 engine with oil tank, regulator rectifier, exhaust system and propeller. For the 100Hp engine the Airbox.


(painting and upholstery excluded, cabin and luggage carpets are an option, see list of options)

Kit #3

As for KIT #2, plus:

Rotax 912 UL Engine

Regulator rectifier

Oil tank

Exhaust system with stainless steel silencer




(painting and upholstery excluded – see options list)

Kit #4

As for KIT #3 but with:

Already individually assembled and adjusted. Final assembly required

  • Fuselage
  • Rudder
  • Fin
  • Elevator
  • Stabilizer
  • Flaperon’s
  • slats (only if fitted – super STOL option)
  • Wings with fuel tanks installed

Painting, upholstery, engine installation, instruments and other system installations are excluded.