Savannah S – Tricycle

When you are ready to start flying, Savannah aircraft are ready for you.

Available as factory built, “ready to fly” or in kit form for you to build.

Savannah home-builder kits require as little as 450 work hours from  start… to flight!

Savannah S is an all- metal aeroplane with a two-seat side-by-side airframe and a strut- braced high wing. The wing is a modified, high-lift NACA 65018 aerofoil with flaperons. Vortex generators (VGs) contribute to the incredible short take-off and landing (STOL) performance envelope.

Two large doors allow easy access, and can be removed for flight if required. However, unprecedented visibility is provided as the entire cockpit doors and roof are transparent.

A 20-kilogram baggage hold behind the seats is accessible during flight and can be used to capacity even with full fuel and two people.

The heavy aluminium alloy main gear allows for un-prepared grass field operations.

Since the early model Savannah’s, leg room and cabin space are much increased; (now also with an extended pedal position option as well). For those requiring seats closer to the controls, sliding seats are also offered as an option.

The Australian 2019 “Bushflyers Down Under” STOL Championship is held by Mr Bill Grieve in a Savannah. In nil wind conditions he recorded a combined full-stop landing and  take-off roll of just 73 meters.


Wing Span9.00 mts
Wing Area12.87 mts
Height2.58 mts
Length6.6 mts
Cockpit width1.18 mts
Empty weight (@ basic config)290 kg
MTOW (Australia)600 kg
Load factor+6/-3 g
Flap control manual (electric optional)
Luggage capacity (no pod)20 kg
Tank capacity std2×36 lt +6 lt reserve
Optional extended tank capacityadd 2×36 lt

Performance  Rotax 912 ULS/S 100HP @450kg

Maximum Speed107 knots / 198 km/h
Cruising Speed94 knots / 179 km/h
VNE118 knot / 220km/h
Rate of climb (90km/48knot)1100 ft/min
Maximum ceiling13000 ft / 4000 m
Stalling speed no flap31knot / 57 km/h
Stalling speed full flap26 knot / 49km/h
Take off run:55 mTake off distance (15 m obstacle): 190 m
Landing run:70 mLanding distance (15 m obstacle): 150 m
Consumption @ 75% power18.5 l/ph
Endurance Max. estimate (std tanks@ collector)4 Hrs
Endurance Max. estimate (inc. long range tanks and collector)7.8 Hrs


  • The Savannah Aircraft model ‘S’ is a high wing monoplane with two, side-by-side seats. The wings are supported by struts.
  • All metal structure with load bearing panels.
  •  The modified high lift NACA 650-18 aerofoil is fitted with Junkers type flaperons (aileron + flap) and manual or (optional) electric control.
  • The elevator is fitted with an electrically controlled trim.
  • Ground control steering of the nose wheel and the rudder are controlled by cables from the foot pedals.
  • Two, (or optional four) fuel tanks with 36 litre capacity are located in each wing. The tanks are inter-connected and flow into a 6 litre (or optional 16 litre) collection tank in the fuselage. A single drain valve from the bottom of the collector tank is located under the fuselage for fuel sampling.


  • The two large, removable side doors allow easy independent access to the cabin. These doors can be removed before flight to provide an ideal platform for aerial photography. 
  • The firewall is insulated, and the cockpit has a fitted carpet.
  • Roof and doors are fully transparent, allowing excellent visibility.
  • The cabin features two upholstery covered side-by-side seats. Adjustable seats are optional.
  • A luggage compartment situated behind the seats is accessible during flight and can hold up to 45 lbs (20 kilograms). Extended luggage compartment is an option.
  • The cabin’s ventilation is provided by rotating air scoops on the doors.  An aerodynamic air scoop to extract cabin air is fitted at the top of the baggage compartment.
  • The cockpit heating system can be directed onto feet or to demist the windshield.
  • Cabin light.


Three different engine options:

Rotax 912 UL/S – 100 Hp with three-blade prop “Duc” or “Bolly” with ground adjustable pitch.

Rotax 912 Is – 100 Hp with three-blade prop “Duc” or “Bolly” with ground adjustable pitch.

Rotax 914UL/F -115Hp with three-blade prop “Duc” or “Bolly” with ground adjustable pitch.

  • Engine cowlings are completely removable for thorough engine bay inspection.
  • Upper cowling has oil inspection door to facilitate easy oil level check.
  • Fibre glass spinner.
  • Improved “ring type” engine mount reduces vibration


  • The main landing gear is made up of a single piece aluminium alloy leg.
  • The nose landing gear (in tricycle configuration) is fitted with a telescopic elastic cord shock absorber and is steerable during taxiing.
  • The Savannah is fitted with disc brakes and left/right independent foot control. Co-pilot toe brakes optional.


  • Air speed (Anemometer), 3 1/8” with coloured arcs.
  • Altimeter, 3 1/8” with setting window.
  • Vertical speed indicator (Variometer), 3 1/8”.
  • Magnetic Compass
  • Slip and skid indicator
  • Tachometer
  • Fuel pressure
  • Oil pressure
  • Oil temperature
  • Hour meter
  • Voltmeter
  • Optional external and airbox temperature gauge (for Rotax 912 ULS only).
  • Water temperature for front left engine head.
  • Water temperature for rear right engine head.
  • Manifold pressure. (optional)
  • OR to your specifications.