Savannah S – Taildragger

The Savannah S Taildragger version has been conceived to maximize the STOL capability of the Savannah S airplane, allowing the use of even less prepared surfaces for take-off and landing.

The high ground clearance of the propeller and the absence of a nose wheel, combined with the exciting performance of “short take-off and landing” allows the pilot to land at many more destinations.

On the Taildragger version, the main landing gear has been moved forward. The fuselage has been reinforced to accommodate this and the rudder has been enlarged to improve directional control on the ground.


Wing span:12.87 m2
Length:6.6 m
Height:2.89 m
Cabin width:1.18 m
Take-off and landing data (472.5 kg)
Take off run:55 mTake off distance (15 m obstacle): 190 m
Landing run:70 mLanding distance (15 m obstacle): 150 m


Max horizontal speed:100 kts
Cruise speed at 5000 rpm:92 kts
Manoeuvre speed:85 kts
Stall speed no flap:30 kts
Stall speed full flap:26 kts
MTOWLSA 600 kg
Load factor+6g / -3g